Bluedot Website

The new showcases an electric sense of self on impact. Gone are the days of nondescript stock and meek mobile experiences. Visitors arriving at the geofencing superpower’s site (regardless of device) are greeted with a curated experience and sense of energy, connectedness and magic.

The remarkable possibilities Bluedot provides to clients and end-users was at odds with an utterly unremarkable site. Personality and credibility are cultivated by deepening understanding of solutions in an everyday-epic way. Marrying a mix of animated and vibrant visualizations, relevant testimonials and transparent processes paints a more complete picture of Bluedot’s unique ability to assign power to place.

Bluedot delivers solutions thought previously not possible. As architects of this new reality, custom renders bring to life the limitless world of possibilities place can unlock. Composites marry multiple worlds into a seamless scenario. Weaving ultra-neon geolines and fences into imagery demonstrates tangible accuracy. A blue dot is used to highlight the magic moment that occurs between a user and their experience.


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