Dr. Kimber

Dr. Kimber came to us as she approaches all things: with curiosity, wisdom and a desire to honor the complexity of the somatic healing she provides. Healing (the real, deepened kind––not just the kind you post about with a cute hashtag) is rarely about getting over it. Some things are un-get-overable. Dr. K teaches how to get through it. Connective counters and a serif that stands on its own (capable) feet echo this feeling. Enmeshed credentials signify Dr. Kimber’s emphasis on her lived experience and shared humanity first.

Life, death, guidance, fertility and healing are all central themes to the work Dr. Kimber embarks upon. The raven serves as a symbol of this entwined cycle, and of breaking free. Though the raven feather appears black from afar, it emanates a rich teal when struck by the right lighting. In this same way, the right perspective can beget hope, even at the darkest of times.