Bluedot Rebrand

Ownable branding can be a challenge when your name is a color and a shape. Our journey to rebrand the best-in-class geofencing platform led us to look not laterally but historically, and revisit the strongest foundational element of Bluedot: putting experiences on the map.

In cartopinography (the art of manual map labeling, a craft honed at the start of the 20th century) a celluloid ring was slipped over the head of a map pin to indicate a place as being of special note, or having additional value.

2020 International Design Award, Silver |  Corporate Identity – Rebranding

Bluedot, a geofencing superpower, shares this unique ability to assign power to place.

Reinvigorating this analog symbol underscores the idea that we as people have been using our collective experiences to designate places as more than geography for centuries.

A tomorrow-minded italic treatment hints at Bluedot’s quick and innovative nature, while precise points echo their attention to accuracy for people on-the-move.




Bluedot delivers solutions thought previously not possible.

As architects of this new reality, custom renders and micrographics bring to life the limitless world of possibilities place can unlock. Composites marry multiple worlds into a seamless scenario. Weaving ultra-neon geolines and fences into imagery demonstrates tangible accuracy. A blue dot is used to highlight the magic moment that occurs between a user and their experience.